SOUL 6" Mini Bong

 SOUL 6" Mini Bong purple
 SOUL 6" Mini Bong gift box
 SOUL 6" Mini Bong mushroom mouthpiece
6" SOUL Glass mini bong [S2074]_11
 SOUL 6" Mini Bong glass 14mm bowl
 SOUL 6" Mini Bong stemless diffuser
 SOUL 6" Mini Bong green
 SOUL 6" Mini Bong pink

SOUL 6" Mini Bong

The SOUL 6" Mini Bong is affordable as well as quality made. Featuring a bent neck design, this waterpipe also has a diffuser and is stemless! The mouthpiece is a cool mushroom shaped design. Comes with a cool SOUL Glass gift box.

Special Features: Diffuser, Gift Box, Stemless

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Height: 6 in

Joint Size: 14 mm


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