About Us


     Soir Smoke started out as an individual selling rolling trays and other accessories on Amazon. After two years, Soir Smoke moved on from selling smoking accessories on Amazon to become a full fledged smoke shop. We at Soir believe the customer experience isn't just offering quality products at a great price, but by having exceptional customer service and high-quality content. 

     Soir Smoke sells some of the best bongs online. But we don't sell just bongs, we sell everything the everyday stoner may need. This includes dab rigs, rolling papers, hand pipes and sooo much more! Browse all of our products and you can be sure you'll find something you will like!

     At Soir Smoke, we believe that offering exceptional customer service isn't an option, but rather a necessity! Why shop somewhere that doesn't value their customers time and hard earned money? Simply put,

 "If you aren't happy, we aren't happy" 

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