Cone Crusher (19 Cones)

Cone Crusher (19 Cones) various color options fills 19 inch and a quarter cones and pre rolls at once
Cone Crusher (19 Cones) inside fills 19 cones and re rolled papers all at once
Cone Crusher (19 Cones) with lid to prevent wasting and losing anything
Cone Crusher (19 Cones)

Cone Crusher (19 Cones)

Generic Brand

Put an end to your pre-rolling blues with the Cone Crusher! With it, you can fill 19 cones in no time—whether 1" 1/4 or otherwise (insert cute wink here). It's fast and convenient, so you don't have to worry about the hassle. Happy rolling!

  • Made in Canada with PLA Plastic (A Renewable Bio Plastic)

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