BRNT Designs Briq

BRNT Designs Briq ash tray yellow
BRNT Designs Briq ash tray
BRNT Designs Briq ash tray black
BRNT Designs Briq ash tray white

BRNT Designs Briq

BRNT Designs

The BRNT Designs Briq is the next best thing in contemporary design. The inner swirls are unique. Made out of concrete and walnut, the creativity behind the design of this ashtray is next level! The cutouts are joint and blunt holders. The walnut cover is perfect for keeping the ashes and smells out of sight without the stink. The Briq is a show piece, perfect for attention at your next sesh! 

Cleaning Instructions

The base of the Briq can be cleaned with hot water and soap as well as small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. We recommend cleaning the lid with soap and hot water. Any resin can be removed with an isopropyl swab. Do not soak the concrete tray or walnut lid in isopropyl or water. Once you are done washing, dry before storing. Weathering will deteriorate the ashtray and lid. Keep out of the outdoor elements to prevent wear and tear. 

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