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The 420 Dictionary 101 - Stoner Slang



10mm Joint/14mm Joint/18mm Joint: The 3 most common sized joints on a waterpipe.

2-AG: Abbreviation for 2-Arachidonoylglcerol. An endocannabinoid produced by the body to maintain balance by activating CB1 and CB2 receptors. Present in high levels in the central nervous system.  

420: April 20th. A cannabis enthusiast holiday. Started when a group of friends from California would meet up after school at 4:20pm to enjoy smoking cannabis together. 

420 Friendly: Someone that is accepting of the cannabis culture and cannabis consumption.  

710: July 10th. A stoner holiday for enthusiasts that like dabs or dabbing. The number 710 was chosen because if you turn it upside down it spells OIL. 


Adapter: Generally used for changing your bong or dab rigs joint size.

Aeroponics: The cannabis growing process in an air or mist environment without soil or aggregates. 

American Glass: Glass that is manufactured in the USA. Has a reputation of being good quality. 

Amotivational Syndrome: A chronic psychiatric disorder characterized by signs that are linked to cognitive and emotional states like detachment, lack of motivation, apathy and others. Caused by usage and dependency on cannabis. 

April 20: An international day for cannabis pride and culture.

Ash Catcher: An attachment used for catching the ash and resin. They help keep your bong or dab rig clean. 

Atomizer: The part of a vaporizer device that creates the vapor the user inhales. An atomizer includes a reserve and heating surface for the e-liquid and a wick to transfer the e-juice from the reserve to the heating surface.


Badder: A cannabis concentrate that has a whipped consistency similar to cake batter. Classified as wax, is much stickier and thicker than budder.

Baked: Slang word for being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, usually marijuana. 

Banger: A bucket-shaped attachment for a dab rig. Concentrates are placed inside of it.

Batter: Another word for badder.

Beaker: A bong or water pipe in the shape of a science beaker.

Bent Neck: A type of bong or water pipe that instead of having a straight tube from the base, has a bent or slightly curved one.

Bhang: A  traditional edible mixture of flower, leaves and buds from a marijuana plant 

BHO: Abbreviation for butane hash oil. A cannabis extraction process where butane is used as the primary solvent. 

Blaze: The act of smoking cannabis. 

Blunt: A cigar that instead containing tobacco, has cannabis. 

Bong: A device used for smoking tobacco or cannabis. Widely used for cannabis. Usually made from either glass, acrylic, silicone and sometimes even ceramic. Bongs have become popular among the cannabis community leading to several different styles.

Bong Rip: When someone smokes from a bong or water pipe.

Borosilicate Glass: A type of glass in which silica and boron trioxide are the main glass forming materials. Borosilicate is more temperature resistant than common glass.

Bowl: The part of a bong or water pipe that holds the cannabis, tobacco or other smoking products. 

Bubbler: A type of water pipe. Uses water to filter the smoke. Looks like a mashup of a bong and a hand pipe. 

Bucket Bong: A homemade version of a gravity bong.  

Bud: The part of cannabis that is smoked or consumed. 

Budder: A concentrated paste extracted from cannabis.

Budtender: A person that serves consumers cannabis products at an establishment. 

Burnout: Someone that consumes cannabis to the point of feeling fatigued, unmotivated and unfocussed.  

Bush Weed: Low quality cannabis. 

Buzz: A slang term for being under the influence or "high."


Canadian Glass: Glass products that are made in the country of Canada. 

Cannabis: Product from the cannabis sativa plant, used for its therapeutic and psychoactive effects.

Cannabis Cup: The world leading competition, festival and trade show for the cannabis community. Hosted by the brand and magazine High Times.

Canoeing: When a joint or marijuana cigarette is burning unevenly. It'll burn on one side more than the other. Caused from a few different factors like a windy environment or the contents being packed loose inside the joint.

Cannabidiol (CBD): The abbreviation for the word cannabidiol. CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis. Also derives from the hemp plant. 

Cannabinoid: A class of chemical compunds with varies effects, isolated from cannabis.

Cannabinoid Profile: Identifies and quantifies the psychoactive components in cannabis products.

Cannabinol (CBN): A psychoactive substance found in cannabis.

Cannabutter: Butter that is infused with cannabis. Used in cannabis edibles.

Carb: A small hole in a water pipe that assists the user with control of the airflow.

Carb Cap: Seals the nail or banger on a dab rig after the concentrate has been placed inside.

Chalice: A type of smoking pipe used traditionally by the Rastafarian movement. It's a water pipe that contains a hose or draw tube to increase the cooling of the smoke before it gets to the user.

Chanvre: The French translation for the word "hemp".

Cheech and Chong: Comedy duo featuring Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Creators of the 1978 stoner film "Up In Smoke."

Cherry: Slang term for the burning ember at the end of a joint or inside a pipe.

Chiefing: Taking large cannabis hits or hogging all the cannabis in a group smoke session.

Chillum: A traditional style pipe used for smoking marijuana. 

Choke: Another term for "carb." A small hole in a water pipe that assists the user with control of the airflow. 

Chronic: A slang word for high quality cannabis.

Concentrates: Products that are commercially extracted from cannabis using supercritical carbon dioxide or hydrocarbon solvents.

Cone: A joint or marijuana cigarette in the shape of a cone.

Cotton Mouth: Slang term for a dry mouth caused by smoking or vaporizing cannabis or cannabis extracts.

Crumble: A dry and powdery cannabis concentrate that crumbles easily.

Crystal: Another word for "kief."


Dab: Slang for hash oil, a resin extracted from cannabis. 

Dabbing: Slang for the act of smoking or vaping cannabis concentrates like hash oil. 

Dab Rig: A water pipe device used for consuming cannabis concentrates such as hash oil. 

Dagga: Afrikaans word for Cannabis.

Dank: A slang word for high quality cannabis.

Decriminalization: The lessening of cannabis related laws reflecting social and moral views.

Dime: A term used by dealers to describe ten dollars worth of cannabis.

Ditchweed: A slang term used to describe feral cannabis. Also a slang word for poor quality cannabis.

Doobie: A slang word for a joint or marijuana cigarette. 

Down Stem: The piece of a water pipe that connects the bowl to the main chamber.


Edible: Food or drink products made from cannabis.

Eighth: Three and a half grams. A measurement to describe an eighth of an ounce. 

Endocannabinoid System: A group of receptors for cannabinoids in the brain and nervous system.

Entheogen: Any psychoactive plant that induces a spiritual experience. Primarily used for spiritual development. Includes cannabis, peyote and psilocybin mushrooms.

ENT: Slang word for a marijuana user. Derives from the tree creatures from the movie "Lord Of The Rings" after someone on the forum Reddit made the connection.

Extract: Product made from cannabis resin. Also the Process of making edible products and concentrates from cannabis. 


Female Joint: A joint on a smoking pipe that is slightly larger than the piece like a bowl that is inserted into it.

Feral Cannabis: Wild-growing cannabis. Generally low quality.

Flower: The part of a cannabis plant that is smoked or consumed.

Flower Child: Another word for a hippie. 

Freedom Fighter: A marijuana rights activist.

Freedom Rally: An annual event in Boston started in 1989. The rally is a demonstration for marijuana law reforming in the USA.

Functional Glass Art: High quality, hand blown glass art that also has functional use such as a bong or hand pipe. 


Ganja: The Hindi word for cannabis.

Gateway Drug: An unfound theory that cannabis use leads to a more deadlier substance abuse.

Glass-On-Glass: A type of joint connection on a water pipe where both pieces are made of glass. An example would be the down stem and bowl which would both be made of glass. 

Gorilla Glue: Several cannabis strains that are bred from indica varieties. 

Gravity Bong: A water pipe that used air pressure and water to filter the smoke.

Green Out: When someone consumes to much cannabis. Symptoms include nausea, unease and paranoia. 

Grinder: A tool or accessory used for grinding up cannabis into small fine pieces for smoking. 


Hand Pipe: The most common type of pipe used for smoking. Sits in the palm of the users hand. Contains a bowl and a stem.

Hanf: The German word for cannabis.

Hash: The short term for the word "hashish."

Hashish: An extracted cannabis product created from resin.

Head Shop: A retail store that specializes in paraphernalia and products related to the cannabis culture. 

Hemp: Common name for the whole cannabis plant. Also called marijuana along with many slang names.

Hempcrete: A bio-composite building material made from hemp hurds.

Herb: A word to describe cannabis.


High Times: A monthly American magazine and brand founded in 1974 that advocates legalization of marijuana and other counterculture ideas. 

Hit: The act of smoking or vaping a puff of cannabis or cannabis concentrate. 

Hookah: A traditional Indian smoking pipe.

Hotbox: A slang word for smoking cannabis in a closed space and filling it up with smoke.

Hybrid: Strains that contain indica and sativa genetics.

Hydro: A slang word for hydroponic cannabis. 


Ice Catcher/Ice Pinch: The part of a bong that holds ice. Ice is used to cool down the smoke before it gets to the user.

Indica: A species of the cannabis plant which produces large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Known for its relaxing and calming effects.  

Irie: The state of being or becoming under the influence of cannabis. Used to describe peaceful, content and blissful.


Jay: A slang word for a joint.

Joint (Glass) (Rolling): A marijuana cigarette. Also the part of a water pipe where the bowl and down stem connect.


Kief: A powder created by shaking the crystalized trichomes off cured cannabis flower.

Kush: A pure or hybrid strain of cannabis. Originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. Also used as a slang word for cannabis.


Ladder Perc: A percolator in a bong that consists of several stacked disk shaped bubbler chambers. 

Landrace: A cannabis cultivator native to a specific region.

Legalization: The process of removing prohibition of cannabis.

Lid: A measured amount of cannabis, usually an ounce to one and a half ounces. Usually enough to fill a shoebox lid. 

Limonene: An aromatic cannabis terpene produced in the flowers resin gland. 

Linalool: One of the fragrant chemical compounds also called terpenes contained in plants like cannabis. Responsible for the scent of the plant and also has potential of enhancing medicinal effects of cannabis.

Lipid Fats: Natural substances found in cannabis. These fatty acids are found in plants and are responsible for the energy creation and storage in the plant.

Live Resin: Fresh extracted cannabis that is kept at freezing temperatures instead of being dried.

Live Rosin: A type of cannabis concentrate. It has solventless purity and is packed with terpene flavour. 

Loud: A slang term for high quality weed with a strong odor. 


Ma: The Chinese name for cannabis.

Male Joint: A joint on a smoking pipe that is slightly smaller than the piece like a bowl that is inserted onto it.

Marijuana: A slang word for cannabis. Also the legal term for cannabis in many jurisdictions. 

Mary Jane: A slang word for marijuana.

Moak: A mixture of tobacco and marijuana. 

Mota: Spanish slang word for cannabis.

Munchies: Increased appetite when under the influence of marijuana.


Nail: The part of a dab rig that holds the cannabis concentrate.

Nectar Collector: A more portable and convenient type of dab rig.

NORML: Abbreviation for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. An American non-profit cannabis rights organization founded in 1970.

Nug: Slang word for a bud of cannabis.


Octobowl: A bowl for a bong that features a built in glass screen to maximize airflow, provide an even burn and reduce clogging of the bong.

OG: An abbreviation for ocean grown. Produced from coastal states. 

Oil: A slang name for hash oil, which is a resin extracted from cannabis.

Oil Rig: A water pipe intended for smoking or vaporizing cannabis extracts like hash oil. 

One-Hitter: A type of hand pipe used for smoking marijuana.

Ouid: A slang word for weed. It's a cross of the french word "oui" and the word "weed."

Ounce: A measurement. 

Outdoor: Cannabis that is grown outside.


Pakalolo: The Hawaiian slang word for cannabis.

Paraphernalia: Materials or accessories related to cannabis culture. Used for growing, consuming or concealing cannabis.

Pasties: Another word for having a dry mouth from consuming marijuana.

Percolator: A feature in some bongs that diffuses the smoking, making it easier to inhale.

Piece: A slang word for a pipe, that is used to smoke cannabis.

Pinner: A small, thin and tightly packed joint. 

Pot: Another word for cannabis.

Pothead: A regular user of cannabis.

Potiguaya: The Spanish word for cannabis.

Pre-Roll: A ready to go joint that is already rolled and filled with cannabis from the store.


Q-Tip Technology: A practice used to clean a dab nail or banger after every use. Prevents the quality and taste of each dab from being compromised.

QP: Abbreviation of the measurement, quarter-pound. Used to measure the weight of an amount of cannabis. 

Quartz: The word "quartz" comes from the German word "Quarz". Quartz is a hard and solid crystalline mineral made from silica. In the cannabis industry, quartz is used for accessories like bowls, bangers, etc. due to its durability and ability to endure high temperatures. 


Reclaim: A mixture of resin, ash and tar. Found inside the bowl of a water pipe.

Recycler: A type of water pipe. Features two chambers and a percolator. The smoke and water travel together from one chamber to the next and the percolator. Exits through a separation tube and finally gets to the user. 

Reefer: A slang word for cannabis.

Resin: A substance that is naturally produced in cannabis trichomes. Contains many of the active compounds that cannabis has including THC.

Roach: The remains from a joint or blunt after it has been smoked or used.

Roasted: A slang term for being under the influence of cannabis.

Rosin: A cannabis concentrate extracted without the use of solvents.


Salad: When someone mixes different strains of cannabis flower together.

Sativa: A species of the cannabis plant. Known for its energizing and uplifting effects.

Sesh: When a group of people get together and smoke cannabis.

Session: A slang term for a cannabis group get together.

Shake: Cannabis flower that has broken down into small bits from handling.

Shatter: A type of extracted cannabis concentrate. Shatter is transparent, brittle and breaks apart like glass.

Shisha: Arabic word for hookah.

Space Cruise: A long car ride where the occupants of the vehicle smoke cannabis and get "high."

Splash Guard: Part of a bong or water pipe that stop the water from splashing on the users mouth.

Spliff: A slang word for a joint or marijuana cigarette.

Sploof: A handheld air filter used for exhaling smoke into.

Spoon: A style or type of hand pipe. 

Stash Box: A container used for hiding cannabis or valuables. 

Stoned: A slang term for being under the influence of cannabis.

Stoner: A slang word for someone that consumes a lot of cannabis.


Taffy: A cannabis concentrate with the consistency of taffy.

Terpenes: Organic compounds in the essential oils created in cannabis trichomes which gives cannabis buds there fragrance.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The cannabinoid that is mainly responsible for the psychoactive effects or "high" from consuming cannabis.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA): The most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis.

Tincture: Cannabis plant material that is soaked in alcohol and forms a liquid. The liquid is then ingested orally or sublingually (under the tongue).

Tips: A small smoke filter that is part of a joint.

Trichomes: The powdery substance on a cannabis leaf that contains the most THC.

Toke: A slang term for a puff from a marijuana cigarette or joint.

Toker: Slang term for someone that smokes cannabis.

Topical: An extract of cannabis applied directly to the skin usually for inflammation and pain relief.

Twin: Slang for two grams of cannabis.


Up in Smoke: A stoner film made in 1978.

Uplifting: The positive effects cannabis users feel after consuming it.


Vape Pen: A handheld vape device that contains marijuana concentrates. Features a battery attached to a cartridge. 

Vaporizer: A smokeless device used for vaporizing cannabis for consumption.

Volcano: A top high quality branded vaporizer device used for vaporizing flower.


Wake and Bake: Consumption of cannabis, first thing in the morning.

Water Chamber: The part of a water pipe that holds the water for smoke filtration.

Waterfall: A homemade version of a gravity bong. 

Water Pipe: A device that uses water as a filter for smoking. Also known as a pipe, bong or chalice.

Wax: A highly concentrated form of cannabis with the color of honey and consistency of butter.


 Xanthophyll: A yellow pigment in a cannabis plant that helps regulate heat and light.


 Yield: The amount of cannabis a grower gets from a harvest.


Zaza: A rare high grade cannabis strain.

Zig Zag: A popular brand of rolling papers.

Zip: A slang term for an ounce of cannabis.

Zong: A type of water pipe. A bong with a zig zag shape in the tubing.

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