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The Different Parts Of A Bong - Bong Anatomy


   When you own a bong, you have to take extra care of it to prevent it from breaking. However, it's bound to happen eventually. Nothing is more aggravating than when you break your bong even though you still have lots of activities planned for it. On the bright side, sometimes you only break part of the bong like the bowl or downstem. With this being said, sourcing a replacement part for your bong can be a pain if you don't know what you're looking for. That's why today we will be going over all the different parts of a bong. Hopefully this will make things easier for sourcing a replacement part!  


Genie Glass Waterpipe Bong Bowl With Brown Handle Round 14mm 18mm   First on the list is the bowl. The bowl is the part of the bong that you pack your herb or smoking product into. You light your lighter and hold it beside or overtop the herb packed bowl while inhaling. The smoke then proceeds to travel into the chamber for filtration before reaching the user. Bowls come in a few various sizes based on the specs on the bong. Most bowl sizes are 14mm and 18mm however, the occasional bowl will come in 10mm. They also come in either a male or female fitment.  


slide style bowls for acrylic bong waterpipe

   Second on the list is the slide.  Basically a slide is another type of bowl. They are mainly used for acrylic bongs however there are glass slides on the market as well. They serve the same purpose and function the same as an ordinary bowl. The term "slide" is also used as slang for a bowl piece. 


 Ash Catcher

clear glass ash catcher 14mm 18mm bong waterpipe accessory   Ash catchers are a popular bong accessory for several reasons. They attachments help keep your bong clean by capturing the ash and resin, thus preventing it from going inside the bong. They also provide additional filtration to further assist with cooling the smoke before it reaches the user. Ash catchers sometimes have the bowl built into it and others are separate from the bowl.  


Red Glass Bowl Downstem down stem bong waterpipe joint

   No, we don't mean the rolling paper packed full of freshly ground herbs. The joint is the part of the bong where the downstem fits into it. Downstems also have a joint on the end of them for where the bowl goes. You want your joints to not be so tight that you have to fight to get the bowl or stem out which increase the risk of breaking them. You also don't want them to be to loose. When a joint is to loose air leaks out and makes it harder to smoke your product. It also makes the hit much more harsh than an airtight joint. 


Clear Glass waterpipe bong downstem down stem piece accessory

   The downstem of a bong is the part that connects the bowl to the bong. Smoke travels down the downstem from the bowl into the chamber. Some downstems also come with diffusers at the end of them. Diffusers are basically just slits in the glass to assist with cooling the smoke down before it reaches the user. Some bongs have the downstem built into it or don't have one at all. The types of bongs that have the built in downstems or no downstem at all are the inline bongs and the stemless.  


   The Green bong waterpipe base main chamberbase or the chamber is the bottom part of the bong. This is where the water goes. The water provides filtration of the smoke and cools it for a smooth hit. This section needs to be thick and sturdy. The reason for this is to prevent it from breaking easily as well as tipping over. There's nothing more heartbreaking than when your friend knocks over your new bong causing it to shatter into millions of tiny pieces on the cold, hard floor.   



Glass neck part of a genie bong waterpipe water pipe

   The tube or neck of the bong is the part where the smoke travels up from the chamber to the user. Some necks have percolators built into them to filter and cool the smoke down even more for the user to enjoy. They sometimes also have ice catchers built into them. Tubes or necks vary in length. The glass thickness usually ranges from 2mm to 9mm depending on the bong. Most necks are straight tubes, shape wise. However, they can come in other shapes like a zig zag on a zong.  

Ice Pinch/Ice Catcher

Glass waterpipe bong ice catcher pinch

   An ice catcher is a cool common feature on many water pipes. It's essentially a few indents in the glass meant to hold ice cubes. The ice cubes assist in the cooling of the smoke before it reaches the user. This provides a nice, smooth hit! 




glass waterpipe bong with a Tree Arm Percolator

   Percolators are an innovative way to further filter and cool down the smoke from a hit before it reaches the user. Essentially, they divide the smoke up into multiple sections. This reduces the harshness of the hit. Percolators are often times built into the bong or water pipe but can also sometimes be purchased separately for "build a bongs" or part of an accessory like an ash catcher. There are different types of percolators like the tree arm perc or the shower head perc. The problem with percolators is that they can clog over time and can be tricky to clean. 


Splash Guard

Glass bong waterpipe Splash Guard Beaker

   Have you ever taken a big hit or rip and the water splashes into your mouth, leaving a nasty and gross taste in your mouth? This problem can be solved by having a splash guard part of your bong or water pipe. Basically a splash guard blocks the water from travelling from the chamber up to the user. They have small slits in the glass to allow the smoke to get through and any water that escapes the chamber to drain. prevents water from getting in the users mouth while taking a hit

Mouth Piece

   The mouth piece is part of every bong, water pipe, dab rig or hand pipe. This is where the user puts their mouth to inhale the smoke from their hit. Most mouth pieces on bongs, water pipes and dab rigs have a rim around them to provide extra grip while holding your piece as well as not feel awkward on your lips as you take a hit. Many bongs and dab rigs will make this part have some color in order to add some extra flare to the design on your piece.


Adapters and Joint Converters 

glass 14mm to 18mm adpter or joint converter for a bong or water pipe or dab rig

   Have you ever broken your bowl or down stem, only for the replacement to not fit? Or maybe you like switching up your bowl from time to time. If you have bowls that are different sizes then an adapter or joint converter might be for you. Essentially they change the size of the joint to fit sizes that the bong or water pipe doesn't accept. For example, say your bong takes a 14mm sized bowl but you bowl is 18mm. Just put your adapter into the downstem and the bowl into the adapter and you're good to go! Joint converters and adapters can come in different sizes and fitments like a 14mm to 18mm or a male to female joint. 


   Although breaking a part of your favorite glass piece may seem like a pain in the neck, it doesn't mean it has to be all bad. With our guide we wish to help you pick out something new that not only gets the job done but that you enjoy using more than the broken piece. Check out our wide collection of bong accessories now at

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